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Essay and Colloquium (LST)


Essay and colloquium


All students in the research specialisation of the MSc programmes Chemistry and Life Science and Technology are required to complete a colloquium. The colloquium consists of a literature review of a relevant topic, a presentation on this topic and active participation in scientific discussions at other colloquia.
All rules and guidelines for the colloquium are explained on the MSc website

Course objectives

At the end of the literature study and after the presentation the student is able to

  • find recent literature relevant to the chosen topic.

  • critically read, analyse and correctly use and cite literature.

  • identify and cite key contributors to the field.

  • give an overview of the relevant aspects of the topic.

  • demonstrate understanding of the specific research subject.

  • recognize the current state of research in the field (the frontier of science).

  • write a clear, well-structured and concise review of the matter under study in good academic English.

  • use visuals where appropriate to complement their writing or presentation.

  • critically discuss scientific literature.

  • give an attractive presentation of the topic.

  • answer questions and engage in discussion concerning the topic.

Mode of instruction

Self-study and discussions with supervisor.

Assessment method

Weighted average of a written literature review essay of circa 5000 words (70%) and an oral presentation of 20 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion (30%), both on the same topic.
When starting their final graduation procedure, students will have to hand over an attendance list at the Graduate School office showing that they attended at least 10 colloquia.