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Book exam


Admission requirements

BSc in Biology or related science

Contact information

Education Office Biology


A book examination is a comprehensive exam on a topic that is related to the specialisation (major research project) of the master student and the content of which reviews the major subjects of the specialisation aiming at theoretical broadening and deepening.

Learning goals

Course objectives:
Book Exam aims to provide the student with broad theoretical background in the field of her/his specialisation and with insight in the relevant scientific issues in the field.

Final qualifications:
The student is able to extract concepts and knowledge on a specific subject from a larger scientific field and to express and explain them.

Mode of instruction

Self study
The student makes an appointment with the examiner in the field of the specialisation to discuss the subject, book selection and time frame.
The responsible examiner is available for questions about the selected subject.

Assessment method

Individual, oral exam taken by an examiner of the Biology programme. It may take 1 – 2 hours.
Comprehension more important than specific knowledge, abstraction and synthesis of specific knowledge, problem definition and approach specific for the research field, deduction vs. induction, a discussion at the academic level is required.


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