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Graduation Project Media Technology


Each student must choose an individual topic or theme on which he/she would like to graduate. To complete the graduation project, a students must formulate her/his own scientific question and setup a research to answer it. Personal inspiration can play a large role in coming up with a research question, and creativity is often required to answer it. The research motivation, context, and outcome are described by the student in a scientific style paper, that in principle could be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal or conference. Most graduation projects create some product to answer the research question: something that can be “experienced” — seen, smelled, tasted, touched or heard.

Part of every graduation project is the graduation presentation. They are planned on specific days (see program calendar) and are open to everyone. Graduating students must:
1. Obtain permission from the supervisor for the graduation presentation.
2. Send the project title and abstract to the program coordinator, with supervisor(s) mentioned.
3. Invite 2 critics to the presentation, and send them the preliminary graduation paper in time to read it. The critics must be experts in the field of study or otherwise capable of understanding and evaluating the project. At least one of the critics must not be a fellow student.
4. Prepare a 25 minute presentation (in a suitable form) about the project.

After each graduation presentation, the critics have first right to ask questions. After this, others can ask questions. The supervisor manages the discussion. Total discussion time is approximately 10 minutes.


Media Technology students

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