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Scientific Writing and Academic (Re) Presentation


This course is taught in Dutch in the academic year 2018-2019

Admission requirements

The course is Part I of three courses in Academic Skills that are part of the first year of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CA-DS). Admission to the course is restricted to students enrolled in the CA-DS Bachelor’s programme.

Description / Course Objectives

  • To introduce a number of different academic techniques of presentation

  • To offer an introduction to critical appreciation of sources as representations

  • To create awareness of the problems of plagiarism and fraud in present-day academic life

  • To teach analysis of a range of academic formats, such as journal articles, reviews, edited volumes and monographs

  • To learn skills required to search and select literature in academic libraries and databases.


See our [[website](https://www.student.universiteitleiden.nl/studie-en-studeren/studie/onderwijsinformatie/roosters/sociale-sciences/cultural-anthropology-and-development sociology-bsc?cf=sociale-sciences&cd= cultural-anthropology-and-development-sociology-bsc # tab-2)]

In principle, students remain in the same working group as in "Culture and comparison" and "Inequality and development"..

Mode of instruction

This calculation applies to the three courses Academic skills together: 3 × 5 ECTS = 15 ECTS = 420 study tax hours (sbu)

  • lectures (including some tests) 7 × 3 hours = 31.5 sbu

  • working groups 7 × 2 = 28 sbu

  • library practicals 1 × 2 hours = 2 sbu

  • written assignments 4,500 words = 60 sbu

  • additional literature 120 p. = 20 sbu

Assessment method

  • weekly writing assignments with compulsory re-sits within three weeks in cases of inadequate performance

  • testing in practicals

  • attendance at lectures, practicals and tests

  • mandatory presence at library practicals

  • library practical test

** NOTE **: Attendance at lectures, work groups, practicals and excursion is mandatory!

Only the final mark is registered in Usis.


Weekly assignments follow a syllabus given at the beginning of the course. Any changes to the syllabus will be notified on Blackboard. Participants may register on Blackboard up to 2 weeks before the course begins

Study materials



All students must enrol in uSis for the lecture series. Registration periods and further information about the procedure are given on the website on course registration.
While students are required to enrol on Blackboard, registration for the examination, work groups and practical sessions is not necessary.


Course coordinator [Dr. Jan Jansen]