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Research Preparation


This course is taught in Dutch in the academic year 2018-2019

Admission requirements

Only students enrolled for the CA-OS Bachelor programme may participate in this course and such students must have passed the following courses from the propaedeutic CA-OS course:

  • "Social scientific research in practice",

  • "Culture deciphered: statistics in practice",

  • "Scientific writing and academic (re) presentation" (AV1)

  • "Research practice" (AV2)

  • "The academic debate" (AV3).

Description and objective of the course

This course focuses on preparation of a Fieldwork NL. How should a research design be written? How should a research question be translated into action? What methods should be used and why? What is the best way to prepare for fieldwork? The programme offers a thorough, methodical and practical preparation and deals with scientific-philosophical questions. On the basis of a number of practical methods and techniques such as participatory observation, life stories, case studies, network analysis and internet research, students are challenged to think about which method best suits their own research questions.

The emphasis is on both the precise application of research methods and on the theory and practice of theories of knowledge and the philosophy of science.


Dates and room numbers can be found on the website

Mode of instruction

Total 5 ECTS = 140 study tax hours (sbu)

  • lectures 10 × 2 hours (30 sbu)

  • literature ca. 660 p. (110 sbu)

Assessment method

  • Compulsory participation in lectures

  • Written examination

  • Exercises:

Only the final mark is registered in Usis and tests may be re-taken if first results are inadequate (grade 5 or lower).

Registering exam

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All participants must register in Usis for lectures and the exam. On the website on course registration you will find the registration periods and further information about the procedure.

Registration on Blackboard is also necessary.


  • Bryman, A. 2012. "Social Research Methods", Oxford University Press

  • Additional literature (to be determined)


Mrs. Jasmijn Rana, MSc