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Bachelor Thesis + Capita Selecta


Admission requirements

Only CA-OS students who have completed the propaedeutic phase are permitted to write a Bachelor's thesis..


The Bachelor’s Thesis Project consists of two parts: a thematically coherent Capita Selecta (5 EC, 6493BACSY, level 300) followed by an individual Bachelor’s Thesis with an individually chosen subject within the same theme (10 EC, 6493BAY, level 400). To introduce the thesis project, students must follow a number of lectures and carry out a library practical during the first months of the first semester. Students must select a theme prior to the course, choosing from Diversity, Sustainability, Media and Heritage, Anthropology and the Senses, Political Anthropology. NB: the available selection is subject to change. In consultation with their future supervisors, students will then compile a Capita Selecta reading list to be read independently during the first months of the first semester. After passing an oral examination on their list of references students will then write under guidance of the same supervisor a Bachelor’s Thesis of 10-12,000 words on an individually chosen subject within the same theme. For choice of subject, the literature and subjects of the Capita Selecta literature list and, if possible, of previously followed CA-OS courses should serve as the starting point, supplemented with other literature selected by students themselves. Subject and questions must be approved by supervisors.

Course Objectives

The Bachelor's thesis is a literature study in which students are required to process and assess existing scientific research. The following learning objectives apply:

  • Formulation and operationalization of a research question that fits within the discipline of cultural anthropology / development sociology

  • Independent collection of scientific literature relevant to the research question

  • Studying, comparing and assessing the collected literature

  • Writing a concise and well-structured academic text that provides an answer to the research question, showing critical use of the literature.

Schedule / time path

The entire process lasts from September 2017 up to and including the end of April 2018 (resubmit resignation in early June 2018). Students must register with the Bachelor’s Thesis coordinator between 1 and 12 September 2017, indicating their three themes in order of preference, and must enrol on Blackboard for the Bachelor's Thesis 2017-2018. At the end of September 2017 a supervisor will be assigned to each student, who must then contact the supervisor to determine the Capita Selecta reading list.

Room numbers of the three compulsory lectures may be found on the website.

Mode of instruction

Study load: 15 ECTS = 420 study tax hours (sbu)

  • 3 compulsory lectures of 2 hours

  • 1 mandatory library of 2 hours supplemented by 2 hours of preparation via a Blackboard module

  • Studying the reference book: Joy de Jong (2011), Handbook for academic writing. In steps to an essay, paper or thesis Bussum: Coutinho.

  • Individual guidance

Assessment method

Oral examination of Capita Selecta (5 EC) in accordance with the oral examination guidelines in the Education and Examination Regulations (OER); evaluation of the thesis (10 EC) by the supervisor and a second reader both of whom will be working within the same theme group. Evaluation will be in accordance with the points of attention for reviewing theses as determined by the Board of Examiners.

The first version of the thesis must be submitted to the supervisor by the end of March 2018 (see thesis script for exact date).
The final printed and bound version of the thesis together with a digital (pdf) version must be submitted in April, on the date and in the manner specified in the thesis script.

Theses will be assessed after that date, and in June there will be an opportunity to re-submit if required.
Guidance and assessment of theses is not possible during July and August because of the research obligations of the teachers.

Course program

This course aims to support the writing of a thesis and to improve the quality of the results. The course consists of meetings led by various teachers.

Assignments are issued during lectures to support each phase of the writing process. Reference will be made to a handbook which students must purchase before the first lecture (see literature below).


Course information will be distributed via the Blackboard module "Bachelor’s Thesis CA-OS 2017-18" so students are required to register on Blackboard. The module will be activated by 1 September 2017 at the latest.


  • Joy de Jong (2011) Handbook for academic writing. In steps to an essay, paper or thesis Bussum: Coutinho.

  • Other literature to be determined individually by the student and his / her thesis supervisor.


Register on Blackboard before September 12, 2018 and submit preference to BA thesis coordinator.
Notification in uSis is not required for this course.


Coordinator of is Dr. Jan Jansen
Individual supervisors per student are announced in October.