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Tutoring for the First Year Bachelor's Programme CA-DS


This course is taught in Dutch in the academic year 2018-2019.


For a complete description as it applies to the Bachelor's course, see the ‘Labour market orientation’ tab.
The following questions / topics will be central during the first year of the Bachelor’s programme (BA course):

  • Reflection on study choice: Why do I want to study anthropology?

  • Attention to study skills: How do I learn?

Interweaving with courses

In addition to plenary meetings and a meeting in a working group, there are clear links to the labour market within the courses. Below is an overview per subject:

Social scientific research in practice:

  • Teaching the skills needed to set up and carry out research and how to apply that to students’ own individual research.

Culture deciphered: statistics in practice:

  • Applying knowledge of univariate and bivariate statistics and working with SPSS on students’ own data.


  • September 2018: First plenary meeting to introduce the Labour Market Orientation trajectory.

  • end of September 2018: A working group meeting supervised by Rosalinde Spitters and the working group teachers [Students are already divided into working groups within the framework of first year courses OOSP and CV.]
    Location: workgroup rooms as indicated in the OOSP framework.

  • November 2018: Second plenary meeting on study skills,

  • March 2019: During "Expert seminar in development issues": Practical assignment - setting up a project,

  • March 2019: During "Social scientific research in practice": Practical exercises focused on research skills,

  • April / May 2019: Deciphered during "Culture: statistics in practice": Practical exercises focused on data analysis,

  • June 2019: Linked to the lectures of "The academic debate": Reflections on the first year and preview of the second year.


Labour market orientation is not tested and no credits are awarded, but assignments must be completed to a satisfactory standard.


For the Labor Market Orientation trajectory Blackboard is used for, among other things, providing information about the trajectory, the dates of meetings, internship vacancies and events. Students are added to the Blackboard module by the coordinator of the course.

Study material

Students need not purchase study material for this course. Information and assignments are provided during the meetings.

Contact and coordination:

Simone de Boer, MA, tel. 071-527 3741.

NB: The activities surrounding labour market orientation are organized in close cooperation with the Student Careers Centre. For additional advice or specific courses, visit the faculty website .