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Internship and Master Thesis


Internship and Master Thesis

The Internship and Master Thesis project in the master specialization “Statistical Science for the life and behavioural sciences” are two obligatory parts that consist together of 34 EC. They provide students with the opportunities to gain experience in the field of statistics, and to produce their own original contribution to statistical science research on an academic level.

The Internship and Master Thesis may be done separately or may be combined. The two separate or overlapping elements amount to a maximum of 34 EC in total:

  • Internship (10 EC ~ 7-8 weeks)

  • Master thesis (24 EC ~ 18 weeks)

If the Internship and the Master Thesis are done separately, they may be on different topics, with work done at different institutions. It should be noted that in this case they also will be evaluated separately.

The Internship, if done separately, may either be done under the supervision of one of the instructors affiliated with the Statistical Science program, or may be done elsewhere. In the latter case, a local supervisor will be the first supervisor, and one of the Statistical Science instructors must act as a second supervisor. The experience in the Internship has to be reported in an Internship Report. At least one month before the start of the Internship, the student and the supervisor(s) should complete and submit the Internship Agreement Form to the Coordinating Committee. The length of the Internship may be extended beyond 8 weeks, but the number of EC granted will not be increased beyond 10 EC.

The Master Thesis should always be written under the supervision of one of the instructors affiliated with the Statistical Science program. The same is true when the Internship and Master Thesis are combined. If the Master Thesis is extended, one of the non-compulsory courses in the program may be dropped.

Extended information on both the Internship and the Master Thesis can be found in this e-guide under the separate headings Internship and Master Thesis, respectively. Information on the Internship and the Master Thesis can also be found on Blackboard. For questions that cannot be answered using all the available information, please contact the Internship & Master Thesis Director: Prof.dr. Willem Heiser mail to heiser [at] fsw [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl. In any case, it is imperative to cc for Master Thesis: thesis [at] stat [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl and for Internship: internship [at] stat [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl.

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