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Internship Preparation


Admission requirements



For those students who will participate in part B of the minor, the pressure cooker can be seen as a stepping stone towards the internship. During the pressure cooker students will have to put theories to practice.This experience is also key during the internship but in case of the internship is brought two steps further by first, applying the acquired knowledge in a real life situation outside the walls of a classroom, and second, by doing so in a different cultural environment from their own. In the preparation course of the internship, the students will work on their Internship Plan. . Also, a guest lecture on safety while working abroad is provided. Students also get the opportunity during the Internship Preparation course to start working on their internship assignment. They will need to get acquainted with the host country, its history and culture, and the host organization they will start working for. During working groups and individual meetings, students are guided by their internship supervisor and the internship coordinator.

Course objectives

After this course students are able to:

  • Get a realistic overview of their tasks and assignments during the internship

  • Plan their activities during the internship

  • Reflect on safety and cultural issues in their host country that relate to their internship



Mode of instruction

In-class group assignments, in-class individual assignments

Course Load

56 total hours of study to be spent attending class, assignments, and compulsory readings:

Assessment method


  • The individual internship plan

  • Participation in class


Final grade: 70% internship plan + 30 % participation in class
The final grades for the internship plan and participation should be 6,0 or higher. Together they should be a 6,0 or higher to pass the course


A re-sit for the internship preparation course is not possible. In case a student is not able to participate in the course an alternative assignment will be given. This assignment needs to be discussed with the teachers of the course in line with examination regulations.

Exam Review



All students who go for an internship abroad have to be present in the course. The teachers and the minor coordinator have to be notified in advance in case of absences. The students who are absent more than one day will not pass the module.


In this course, Blackboard is used to present course information, notify yourself of changes to the course and to make course materials available.

Reading list

Scientific and professional papers and teaching cases, to be provided or indicated via Blackboard.


You can register for the whole minor and for each individual course in uSis.


If you have questions, please contact the minor coordinators (André Leliveld, Emma Hesselink and Maaike Westra) at