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Fine Arts: Drawing 1


Entrance requirements

Participation in an entrance exam that will consist of a motivation interview with the teacher and an assessment of your artistic work.
The entrance exam for Drawing 1 is Wednesday 5 September 2018.
After your online application the KABK will contact you at the end of August.

More information about the entrance requirements of Drawing 1:
Bring along a portfolio with preferably original drawings. Please focus on a large scale of variety in subject matter and the use of materials.


The focus in drawing 1 lies on the development of technique, perception, composition analysis, concept and authenticity. You will be expected to do research on how to intensify the quality of your work while working with assignments. The final product isn’t the actual cause, the process towards it is equally important. In drawing you will encounter numerous choices which you can make, these choices matter because they determine the eventual quality of the work. In drawing 1 we will analyse all those possible choices so that you will be conscious of what you do. This is crucial for understanding what contributes to a powerful image. Within the classes there will be a clear structure of assignments which stimulate your development. You will find all the assignments below. Another important aspect of drawing 1 is the concept of the work. In other words what the work is about. Is there a message involved, what is the artist trying to say? These are important questions. The academy holds concept and originality in high regard.

Every class we work with different assignments, each assignment building up towards the next class. through the excercise of stilllife drawing, portret drawing and model drawing different formal and content aspects of drawing as a medium will be adressed. We Will work with charcoal, pencils, pastels, brushes and ink.

Assignments with material of choice: – Movement – Colour analysis – Composition analysis – Drawing on modified paper – Large scale drawing (2 classes) – Series (2 classes) – Final work

### Course objectives

The objectives are to learn how to apply different drawing materials and how to use different techniques. How to understand the interaction between the visual elements of an image. To learn what the work is about and how to make its meaning more powerful and how to develop a authentic drawing style that differs your work from others.


Entrance exams: 6 September from 16.00 hrs.
Lessons: Thursday from 19.00 – 21.30 hrs.
Period: 13 September until 20 December 2018
Location: The Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN The Hague.
Room: Information will follow.

Mode of instruction

Life classes with individual guidance and collective analysis.

Mode of assesment

Attendance to the lessons is mandatory for 80%
Individual assessment of work at the end of the course. All assignments should be completed and present.
At the end of the course there will be an exhibition. Participation in that is required.


Books and magazines about drawing techniques and art history. Tutorials on the internet.


Niki van Strien


Please note - The application period for the 1st semester course has ended.
NB: This course is NOT available in Usis.
Registration: 17 May – 24 August 2018
To register, visit register


This course is part of Practicum Artium. These courses are exclusively intented for students of Leiden University.

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