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Fine Arts: Drawing 2



Bring along a portfolio with preferably original drawings. A high quantity of work is appreciated. It is not necessary that all the works are completed. Sketches and dummies are equally important to give a good indication of your work.
The capacity to progress is an important factor and will be held in high regard at the admission. Also creativity, originality and the content of the work are important. Please make sure that there is enough variation in technique, size and subject in your drawings.


The focus in this subject lies on the development of an authentic drawing style and also on the intensification of the subject matter of the work. The objective is that the work differs itself from the work of other draughtsman. There is a high degree of independence and creative freedom involved in this subject because there are no assignments. Each student should lay out a plan for himself to work on. It is expected that there will be research performed on conceptual analysis, the interaction of different visual elements, technique and the use of drawing tools. The content of the work is held in higher regard than the technical execution of the drawing. Also research on professional artist and visiting art exhibitions is important. This will provide you with more insight on art in general and will help you analysing art better. A strong dynamic of the group is essential because feedback and different perspectives and opinions are important to guarantee a good progression. The academy also expects full effort from all participants of this subject to protect the quality of the education.

Free assignment:
We work towards a subject of our own choice, a subject that attracts personal attention and fascination.
The subject is preferably about a general, abstract concept, something you cannot see: e.g. silence, war, death, beauty, boredom, decadence, truth, etc.
Work is being done on this self-selected subject, in which entering into a visual investigation, in particular an own method of approach, and/or working process is being developed. A start can be made from collected images that relate to the subject.

Course objectives

The objectives are to come to an understanding of what the work is actually about. What message does the creator wants to convey towards the viewer. Another important objective is developing the subject matter in a way that it isn’t one-dimensional but ambiguous.
It is also important to develop a original signature in your work. Something that distinguishes itself and has a high level of authenticity. Originality is appreciated at the academy.


Entrance exams: 30 January from 16.00 hrs.
Lessons: Thursday from 19.00 – 21.30 hrs.
Period: 7 February until 4 Juni 2019
Location: The Royal Academy of Art (KABK), Prinsessegracht 4, 2514 AN The Hague.
Room: to be announced

Mode of instruction

Life classes with individual guidance and collective analysis.

Mode of assesment

Attendance to the lessons is mandatory for 80%
Individual assessment of work at the end of the course. All assignments should be completed and present.
At the end of the course there will be an exhibition. Participation in that is required.


Books about art history, art philosophy and contemporary art. Museums, galleries and other art exhibitions.


Niki van Strien


NB: This course is NOT available in Usis. Registration from 1/11/2018 to 18/01/2019. After registering you will receive more detailed information, in week 3 of 2019, about the time and location of the entrance exam. To register, visit register


This course is part of Practicum Artium. These courses are exclusively intented for students of Leiden University.

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