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Archaeology of the Mediterranean (BA3)



Bachelor year 3.


This lecture series offers an extensive overview of the archaeology of the Roman world. The focus is on the debate on the term 'romanisation'. Starting from that theoretical debate, various Roman areas in the western and eastern Mediterranean will be discussed. Every meeting a different aspect of Roman society will be tackled (urban culture, economy, the countryside, religion, etc.), and quite diverse categories of material culture will take centre stage (from pottery shards to murals to empirial architecture).

Literature is to be studied and prepared, and will be discussed during class. Apart from familiarising yourself with the basic knowledge of Roman archaeology, you also get the opportunity to form your own opinions in the romanisation debate.

Course objectives

  • Primary, basic knowledge of the archaeology of various Roman provinces (Italy, the Danube provinces, Roman Greece, the Roman East, Roman Egypt, northern Africa and the western Roman provinces); the most important sites discussed in the literature and during class;

  • Knowledge of the structure of the Roman Empire, how the Empire functioned, ability to place romanisation in these provinces and sites;

  • Familiarisation with the debate on romanisation;

  • Ability to analyse, summarise and critically comment on an academic article on romanisation;

  • Ability to formulate one's own critical and well-argumented standpoint towards romanisation;

  • Ability to view archaeological materials in light of the romanisation debate.


Course schedule details can be found in the BA3 time schedule.

Mode of instruction


Course load

The course load will be distributed as follows:

  • Lectures (1 ec);

  • Assignments (1 ec);

  • Literature (3 ec).

Assessment method

  • Written exam (80%);

  • Assignments (20%).

Assignments need to be handed in by the start of the new block.

All exam dates (exams, re-sits, paper deadlines etc.) can be found in the BA3 examination schedule.

Reading list

To be handed out during class.


Registration via uSis is mandatory.

  • The Administration Office will register all BA1 students for their tutorials (not lectures; register via uSis!).

  • BA2, BA3, MA/MSc and RMA/RMSc students are required to register for all lectures and tutorials well in time.

  • The Administration Office registers all students for their exams, students are not required to do this in uSis.


For more information about his course, please contact dr. T.C.A. (Tymon) de Haas.