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Cyber Security Management in Organisations


Admission requirements

Admission only after intake, see website of the Cyber Security Academy

Admission only for those students who are enrolled in the governance track.


  • In this module we will analyze and discuss the factors driving cyber security from an organizational and transformation perspective. Governance, strategy and change management within the context of cyber security are central.

  • Throughout the course we will focus on the theoretical as well as more applied organizational challeges that come with the implementation of a Cyber resilient Organization.

Course objectives

Participants have:

  • An understanding of the strategic context in which organizations have to create and maintain a cyber resilient organization

  • Explored the necessity and potential of cyber security activities as integral part of an organization in its environment

  • An understanding of the key factors of a resilient Cyber secure organization, its interconnectivity and the different elements of an effective cyber risk based approach

  • Knowledge and understanding of the concepts and different approaches of organizational theories and change management

Participants are able to:

  • Design a security operating model which is supporting to and enabling of the strategy of the organization in its environment

  • Engage with an organizations senior management on the necessity and benefits of this model

  • Lead organizational change processes required to establish this model


7 days from 9.30 until 17.00 in February and March 2019.

Mode of instruction

Lectures, exercises, class discussion.

Course Load

5 EC

Assessment method

Presentation (20%), written exam (80%).

No compensation is possible for assignments of 30% or more. Only assessments with a weight under 30% are compensable. This means that one does not have to pass an assessment if it weighs less than 30% in order to pass the course, if the average of all assessments combined is at least a 5.5. In addition, assignments with less than 30% are not re-sitable, meaning that if one failed an assessment of less than 30%, one is not allowed to redo it.


Yes, for posting slides of lectures, relevant literature and assignments.

Reading list

Compulsory literature and literature for further consultation will be announced via Blackboard.


No registration is required for lectures and exams.


Dr. Jeroen van der Velden Drs. Mireille Snels, programme manager


For more information see the website of the Cyber Security Academy