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Case Studies in Cyber Security


Admission requirements

Admission only after intake, see website of the Cyber Security Academy
Admission only for those students who are enrolled in the technical track.


In this course attention is paid briefly to the processing of sensitive data based on cryptography and the usage of anonymisation techniques.
In addition to this, this course deals with security management, security design principles, security in architecture and resilience engineering.
Whereas in modules Measures and Interventions and Ict systems of the technical track attention was paid to the characteristics of ICT systems, types of attacks and possible security measures, the main aim of this course is that students translate and apply their theoretical /technical knowledge in a specific case (to be determined on the basis of the background and interests of the students, or the actual situation). Last years the cases were related to data integrity in the cloud, internet of things and block chain technology. In groups of 3-4 students, participants design a security architecture and system for the chosen case. They should write a primarily technical report, taking non-technical aspects and possible impact into account. In addition to the report the students should give a presentation for both staff and their colleague-groups.

Course objectives

Participants have:

  • understanding of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, incidents and their potential impact

Participants are able to:

  • identify in a practical case possible attacks, translate them to technical requirements, and the latter to security measures, taking the non-technical aspects into account

  • translate and apply theoretical knowledge of cyber security to professional practice

  • weigh business and security risks and to define technical requirements

  • • translate technical understanding into a multidisciplinary oriented policy


7 days from 9.30 until 17.00 in February and March 2019

Mode of instruction

Lectures, seminars, exercises, class discussion
Lecturers: dr. Jan van der Lubbe, dr. Christian Doerr (TUD), dr. Wojtek Kowalczyk and others.

Course Load

5 EC

Assessment method

Assignments (80%), presentation (20%)
No compensation is possible for assignments of 30% or more. Only assessments with a weight under 30% are compensable. This means that one does not have to pass an assessment if it weighs less than 30% in order to pass the course, if the average of all assessments combined is at least a 5.5. In addition, assignments with less than 30% are not re-sitable, meaning that if one failed an assessment of less than 30%, one is not allowed to redo it.


Yes, for posting slides of lectures, relevant literature and assignments.

Reading list

Compulsory literature and literature for further consultation will be announced via Blackboard.


No registration is required for lectures and exams.


Dr. Jan van der Lubbe (TUD) Drs. Mireille Snels, programme manager


For more information see the website of the Cyber Security Academy