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Governance & Ethics


Course requirements

Master degree in Law. This course is part of the Advanced Master Law and Finance.

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Course information

This course will introduce students to the general principles of corporate governance and the role that corporate governance plays in the financial sector. Corporate governance is a topic of considerable interest to a large and expanding section of the community. Good governance is a vital part of any corporation, both within and beyond the financial sector. Equally, weak corporate governance can have severe repercussions. This is particularly true within the financial sector, where failures in governance and risk management can have an effect on the entire financial system and broader economy. During the course students will have the opportunity to compare the approach of different jurisdictions on corporate governance, in general and in the financial sector.

Course learning objectives

This course aims to introduce students to the role that corporate governance plays in the financial sector and discuss the general principles of corporate governance.

  • Students are able to discuss and critically assess the key elements of corporate governance, both in general and in the financial sector specifically;

  • Students are able to present the corporate governance approach of their own jurisdiction, either alone or in a team.

  • Students are able to host a discussion forum on selected topics of corporate governance.

Mode of instruction

Lectures & Seminars:

  • Number of (2 hour) lectures & seminars: 10

  • Names of lecturers: Ebbe Rogge M.Sc. M.A. LL.M. Ph.D.

  • Required preparation by students: reading of prescribed materials, preparation of case studies and any other assignments.

Examination method

  • Oral presentation: 20%

  • Final exam: 80%

The final grade, on the scale from 1 (poor) to 10 (outstanding), for the course is established by determining the weighted average of the oral presentation and final exam and rounded to full grades. Grade 6 (5.5 rounded) is a pass

Oral presentation:
Students are required to deliver a 10 minute presentation on an assigned topic which is part of the relevant subject discussed during the course. The oral presentation cannot be retaken.

Final exam:
The final exam will cover all the material delivered during the lectures and the seminars.

Further information about the oral presentation and the exam will be communicated to students through Blackboard at the start of the course.


Course reader and additional literature is distributed through Blackboard.

Course materials

For this course, a reader will be prepared with required and recommended reading. The course reader is available to be downloaded from Blackboard.


Course Coordinator:
Ebbe Rogge M.Sc. M.A. LL.M. Ph.D.
Email address:

Programme Coordinator:
Ms. Orsolya Kalsbeek-Bagdi
Email address: