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Recent advances in developmental psychopathology


NB Language of instruction is English

Admission requirements



This course is meant to critically evaluate and communicate about recent advances in developmental psychopathology. Each week we will focus on a different topic in developmental psychopathology. These topics will focus on both the applied as well as on the more fundamental issues in developmental psychopathology. We will focus on both the content of the studies, the scientific methodology and the scientific and social implications.

Course objectives

After this course, students should

  1. have a thorough understanding of the various theories and methodological approaches (data analysis techniques included) which are commonly used in our field;
    1. have extended their theoretical framework needed for addressing relevant problems and issues related to education and learning;
    2. be able to critically select, study and analyze literature relevant to the issues and problems presented by the curriculum and the connected research programmes;
    3. show the capacity to report independently about relevant research which is carried out according to current academic standards;
    4. be able to provide critical communications of a scientific paper, in an oral presentation as well as in a written review format;
    5. have profound knowledge of philosophy and ethics of social research, and be able to participate in discussions on these topics;
    6. be able to engage in the international academic debate.



Mode of instruction

(Guest) lectures.

Assessment method

Oral presentation (20% of final grade), six written commentaries (80% of final grade), and active contribution to discussions (possibility to earn extra credit).


During this course Blackboard is used.

Reading list

Papers made available during the course.


Please note that separate uSis registration is mandatory for lectures, seminars, exams and re-exams. Student who do not register, cannot attend courses or take exams.


  • Registration for the lectures of the course is possible as of two months through one week before the first lecture at the latest;

  • Registration for the seminars of the course is possible as of two months through one week before the first seminar at the latest.


There is no final exam. Each of the six reviews is graded as well as the oral presentation. The final grade is based on these grades. Students should score higher than 5.5 on all assignments in order to pass the course. There is no group work, all assignments are graded individually.

NB In this course you do not have to register yourself for an exam in uSis.

Contact information

Contactperson of the course is Dr. M. van Geel