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European Comparative Politics and Society


Organised by Charles University, Prague

Admission requirements

Admission to the European Politics and Society Joint Master Programme


The course European Comparative Politics and Society will concentrate on the analysis of
the pursuits of democracy in Europe. Firstly, the conception of Europe will be explored in
its historical perspective and different perceptions. Secondly, the characterizing social
cleavages of Europe will be introduced. Furthermore, we will discuss how these cleavages
get expressed in the formation of different social interests and lead to the organization of
interests groups, political parties and NGOs. Thirdly, we will address the existence of
political party systems, as well as the executive and legislative powers represented by
government and parliament. Fourthly, we will explore the rules and outcomes of different
electoral systems. Finally, we will assess the enrichment of the classical models of
government in Western Europe. The new challenges facing Europe, such as immigration,
globalization, financial crisis, continuing European integration, regionalization,
restructuring of social welfare systems and the issues of identity, will be discussed.


  • Prof. Lenka Rovna

Course Load

  • One weekly 80 minutes seminar session over 12 weeks