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Early Music Lectures



How did the early music movement grow, and where is it going? How do musicians today find the right information to be able to provide historically honest performances of early music? From which sources do they draw their inspiration?

If you are curious about the answers to these questions and the personal vision of a passionate musician and researcher who has been working in early music for over thirty years, then the Early Music Lectures are something for you. After the lectures in Amsterdam in Season 2017/2018, the series will take place in Leiden during Season 2018/2019. In a series of six English-language lectures, organised in collaboration with Leiden University, artistic advisor to the Early Music Festival Utrecht Jed Wentz introduces you to topics that are central to the worldwide developments of early music.

Time table

MONDAY 15 OCTOBER 2018 / 19.30-22.00 hrs
Early Music as a Discipline
An insider’s look at the revival

MONDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2018 / 19.30-22.00 hrs
The Sources
Paintings, treatises, letters, instruments: what kinds of sources do we have to help us create our performances, and how do we evaluate them?

MONDAY 10 DECEMBER 2018 / 19.30-22.00 hrs
The Dance
How can an understanding of historical dance styles influence the performance of early music today?

MONDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2018 / 19.30-22.00 hrs
Spirituality: Palestrina versus Bach
Church music is central to the early music revival, but is it legitimate to remove it from it’s liturgical context and turn it into Museumkunst?

MONDAY 11 MARCH 2018 / 19.30-22.00 hrs
Moving the Passions
Human emotion in historical perspective and in the light of current scientific research: are we returning to an Affektenlehre?

MONDAY 8 APRIL 2018 / 19.30-22.00 hrs
Politics, manipulation, emotion and the ‘power to control men’s minds’. Early music as a drug for the soul.


Lipsius building, Cleveringaplaats 1, 2311 BD Leiden. Room 148.


Registration is mandatory.
Student at Leiden University or any other educational institute can register by sending an email to Rogier Schneemann
Students can attend the lectures free of charge.

Non-students can purchase tickets for the complete lecture series, or for single lectures: Early Music Lectures