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Professional skills for public impact


Admission requirements

Professional skills for public impact is an elective course in the BA Public Administration, an Erasmus Exchange course (Public Administration) and part of the minor Public Administration: Multi-level governance. Dutch proficiency is not necessary (language of conduct is English). You should have obtained your propedeuse before starting this elective course. Per group a max amount of students is determined.


Throughout the course different types of skills, ranging from cognitive and interpersonal skills to administrative and strategic skills, are introduced and explained, which enable you to develop your skills to make public impact in your future job as a public manager.

Course objectives

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Review your own personal strengths, weaknesses and attitudes and reflect on it;

  • Display planning and cognitive skills by working on a policy advice;

  • Identify and weigh different types of empirical sources relevant for policy advice in a public context;

  • Provide policy advice on societal challenges (both in written and oral form) in collaboration with other students;

  • Critically reflect on the role of the public professional in creating public value and how to achieve public impact.


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Mode of instruction

Interactive seminars. The first part of each seminar provides a theoretical reflection, the second part is a work lab aimed at explaining and further strengthening professional skills.

Course Load

Total study load of this course is 140 hours, of which contact hours: 3 hrs. per week x 7 weeks = 21 hrs.
Self-study hours: 119 hrs. preparing for lectures and work labs, studying literature, completing assignments, preparing presentations, etc.

Assessment method

  • Individual note on public leadership, including the preliminary thoughts of the student on public leadership at the start of the course (10%)

  • Group report, policy advice (30%)

  • Final group presentation (10%). The group presentation cannot be retaken but can be compensated.

  • Book review on Goldsmith & Eggers (2004). Governing by Network. Washington D.C.: Brookings Inst. Press (50%)
    Attendance of the classes is mandatory (Pass/Fail)


A Blackboard site will be made available for this course. Students can enroll at least two weeks before the start of the course.

Reading list

Goldsmith & Eggers. (2004) Governing by Network: the new shape of the Public Sector. Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press.
Several relevant articles are offered during the course


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Dr. Jaap Reijling
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