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Science of cooking research project


Coordinator: Angelic van der Aar

During the Science of cooking research project the students will conduct a research concerning food-related research questions. The research question for these projects are formulated by external parties, such as companies, that want our help on solving problems or obtaining knowledge on their products. The students will write a proposal should including a theoretical background and a detailed plan, ingredients, equipment, planning, safety. You will apply the theory and knowledge learned during the other courses in the program in the foodlab to obtain answers. Subsequently, the students will carry out the research project: perform the experiments, and present the results.

Learning goals
Learning Objectives:

Students can:

  • apply scientific thinking to answer and interpret research questions in relation to science of cooking.

  • apply practical skills needed to answer research questions in relation to science of cooking

Final Qualifications:

The students:

  • know and understand the scientific foundations (theories, methods, techniques) of food science and can understand scientific publications in the field.

  • can apply various techniques in food science to answer research questions in this field.

  • can document and present results.

Period: September – January
Or: February - June

Mode of instruction

Assessment method
The projects will be graded based on different aspects during the project: practical work and labjournal (40%), presentation (30%) and the endproduct (30%).

Blackboard will be used for communication and exchange of documents

Reading list
Course materials will be provided by the teachers.

This course is part of the programme Science of Cooking. A student is required to follow all courses included in this programme.