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Science Communication and Society Elective


Admission requirements

The SCS elective is available for students in the Science Communication & Society specialization. Other students need permission from their exam board and the SCS coordinator.


The SCS Elective provides students the opportunity to apply science communication theory and knowledge into practice or to extend their knowledge within a specific subfield of science communication through a small project. Examples of projects are: developing a science communication product such as a lesson plan, comic strip, video, flyer, book, outreach activity, etc.; book exam; annotated bibliography; review.

Students need to write a project proposal before starting the SCS elective including description of the project, significance and planning. The SCS supervisor needs to approve the proposal before the start of the project.

Course objectives

  • To apply understanding of science communication theory into practice through the development of a science communication product

  • To deepen understanding of science communication theory in a specific subfield.

Assessment method

  • Project proposal needs to be accepted before start of the project

  • The project will be assessed through a written report.