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Tutoring for the Second Year BA CA-OS


This course is taught in Dutch in the academic year 2018-2019


For the complete description of the Bachelor's position, see the Labour market orientation tab.

The following questions and topics are central in the second year:

  • Attention to electives: How to proceed with this study?

  • Information about internships: How and where do I wish to gain work experience?

  • Information about studying abroad: Do I wish to study abroad? If so, why?

  • Attention to CV structure: How to develop a good CV? What sort of experience will interest potential employers? (career orientation)

Interweaving with courses

In addition to plenary meetings there is clear linkage to the labour market within the courses. Here is an overview, per subject:

  • The Research Lab. which consists of 3 courses, is the most practical experience in completing an anthropological research programme from the Bachelor’s course. Its combination of skills prepares students for a wide range of research positions both in purely scientific and applied fields.

  • Research preparation: Practice exercise in setting up individual research.

  • Fieldwork NL: Practical exercise in conducting your own research and writing a report.

  • Multivariate analysis: from data to report: Practical exercise in analysing research data using multiple techniques (including MCA, CATPCA and factor analysis).

  • Regional subjects and thematic subjects: Guest speakers are the main connection with the professional field within the selection components of the second year.


  • 12th October : Study Abroad Festival about studying abroad in the 3rd year,

  • 25 september 2018; 13-16; SB11: Elective course session with information about the possible interpretation of the elective room of the 3rd year. Attendence is mandatory!

  • 6 december; 13:00-15:00; 1A11: Application training: attention for: application letters, profiling, CV, LinkedIn, networks and job interviews,

  • September 2018 - June 2019: Practical exercises within the Research Lab,

  • March - June 2019: Contact with the labor market via guest speakers and the like within the region and theme areas,

  • March 2019: FLO (Faculty Career Orientation day),

  • 10 april 2019; 13:30-18:00; 1A01: Anthropologists Career Day (further info will follow via Blackboard and the website of CA-OS),

  • June 2019: Reflection meeting: Reflection on the second year, research experience, regions and thematic interests, preview of the year 3. Attendence is mandatory!


Labour market orientation is not tested and no credits are awarded. However, assignments specified during meetings must be performed satisfactorily. Participation is strongly recommended to all CA-OS students.


For the Labor Market Orientation trajectory Blackboard is used for, among other things, providing information about the trajectory, the dates of meetings, internship vacancies and events. Students are added to the Blackboard module by the coordinator of the course.

Study material

You do not need to purchase any study material for this course. Information and assignments are provided during the meetings.

Contact and coordination:

Simone de Boer MA
NB: The activities surrounding labor market orientation are organized in close cooperation with the Student Career Center. For additional advice and / or specific courses, visit the faculty website.