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Personal and Professional Impact


You can now apply via Qualtrics by using the link below (under Registration). We still have spots available! The course closes once it's full.

Admission requirements

Third year students from the Faculties of:

  • Archeology

  • Governance and Global Affairs

  • Humanities

  • Law

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences


This multidisciplinary course aims to prepare students for their personal and professional future. You will be offered the opportunity to gain experience in a real life consultancy case as a backdrop to train 21st century skills. You will collaborate with fellow students from different scientific backgrounds in a concrete, question-driven project. Students are encouraged to explore and work on their personal and professional purpose. This will allow you to develop skills and competences applicable in various fields.

Personal and Professional Impact is the first multidisciplinary elective at Leiden University that brings together students from five faculties. The course consists of two interconnected parts:

  • Practicing personal skills: students assess their own competences and reflect on their role in the project team, their progress during the course and their personal and professional goals for the future. They do so individually but will be given professional support from experienced coaches.

  • Practicing professional skills: students apply (social) scientific knowledge and academic skills to a real-life consultancy case. You will do so in a multidisciplinary team consisting of 5 students.

The public service organizations are looking forward to cooperate with you and to tackle the challenge they are facing. Your team will translate the challenge into research questions and will write a proposal that makes use of the combined strengths of all disciplines. Based on a clear division of tasks and responsibilities, you will conduct research, write a report and present your findings to your client.

The interactive seminars will address the topics of personal and professional purpose: collaboration, applied research, project management, self-reflection, communication and presentation skills. You will use your previously accumulated academic skills and select literature that scientifically supports the content of your project.

Course objectives

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Combine and align application of academic skills with personal and professional objectives.

  • Apply scientific knowledge to solve societal challenges.

  • Combine knowledge of different social and behavioural sciences by working in a multidisciplinary team.

  • Adequately perform the steps of a real-life consultancy case, namely:

1 Critical assessment of a current societal challenge;
2 Formulating a project proposal;
3 Conducting an applied research project;
4 Presenting research findings;
5 Formulating applicable recommendations to your client.


All lectures and workgroups will be on Thursdays, from September 12th until December 21st 2019
Time: 15:00-18:00
Location: Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Leiden
Room: to be announced on Blackboard

Mode of instruction

Blended learning (online preparation & post-hoc reflection); interactive lectures, individual coaching and a final meeting with presentations/a closing ceremony in PLNT, Leiden.

Attendance is mandatory. Advance commitment is required to all scheduled times and dates. Absence will result in a lower participation grade or possible exclusion from the course.

Course load

Total 5 ECTS = 140 study hours (sbu):

  • Lectures, workshops and final meeting

  • Research and preparation for workshops

  • Writing an individual reflection report

  • Writing the final group report and preparing the presentation

Please note (!), as this course entails an applied research project, serious dedication and time management are a prerequisite to successfully complete this course.

Assessment method

  • Participation 10%

  • Presentation 10%

  • Personal Impact Report 40%

  • Professional Impact Report 40%

Final grade

To successfully complete the course, please take note of the following:

  • The final grade of the course is established through a weighted average of the four different parts mentioned under ‘Assessment method’.

  • The weighted average should be 5.5 or higher with both Impact Reports not lower than a 5,5.


In January 2020.


The maximum number of participants is 40. Students will be selected after submitting a short survey including a motivation letter. To ensure the multidisciplinary nature of this course we will aim for an equal representation of disciplines. We offer eight possible consultancy projects. Based on students’ particular interests and the desired diversity in disciplines, students will be assigned to a case.
Students do not have to register in uSis.

Registration is now possible via this qualtrics form.


Students who have been granted admission will be registered for this course on Blackboard.

Reading list

The course guide and readings will be made available through Blackboard.

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Contact information

Ms. Rosalinde Spitters, MA