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Korean for Academic Purposes 2


Admission requirements

Only those who successfully completed Korean 1.2 and Korean for Academic Purposes 1 or equivalent can enroll.


This course provides an introduction to reading academic Korean texts written in literary style (munŏch’e). During the class sessions, students practice grasping the contents of a text quickly and accurately through speedreading, while close reading is used to analyze selected sentences from that same text for their structures and patterns.
The acquisition of Chinese characters (hancha) runs parallel to this course with the aim of improving vocabulary. The character class will consist of instruction on Chinese characters with a focus on recognizing radicals. In addition to this, character instruction aims to improve students’ skill to read and guess character-based vocabulary in academic reading texts.

Course objectives

  • Acquisition of insight and understanding of the structure of Korean texts in literary style

  • Being able to grasp the general meaning of a text quickly and correctly via speed reading

  • Being able to analyse and understand the grammar and sentence structure via close reading

  • Aqcuisition of a basic understanding of Chinese character structure with an emphasis on radicals

  • Acquisition of strategies to improve academic reading of Sino-Korean vocabulary through activation of previous knowledge and guessing based on character sounds


For more information, see timetable.

Mode of instruction


Course Load

Total course load: 140 hours

  • Contact hours: 26 (2 hours x 13 weeks)

  • Class preparation (reading): 39 (3 hours x 13 weeks)

  • Class preparation and self-study (hancha): 26 (2 hour x 13 weeks)

  • Exam preparation (midterm): 19 hours

  • Exam preparation (final): 30 hours

Assessment method

  • Weekly assignments: 30% (reading 20%, hancha 10%)

  • Midterm examination: 30%

  • Final examination: 40%

Assignments are to be completed before class and will be checked each session. Late submissions will not count towards your assignment grade, unless you inform the instructor of extenuating circumstances in advance.
In order to pass this course, a final weighted grade of 6.0 or higher is required. Additionally, this includes an weighted average grade of 6.0 or higher for the midterm + final examination.
In case of an insufficient (weighted) average grade for the midterm + final examination, there will be a resit following the final examination. The resit will cover the materials of the midterm and final examinations, and the resit grade replaces that of both the midterm and final examinations (30 + 40 = 70%). If you fail to meet the attendance requirement, you will fail the course with no resit chance.
Debriefing exam: Within two weeks after the final exam, date and time for an exam debriefing session will be announced via Blackboard in order for students to view their exam.


Blackboard will be the primary method of communication for course matters, documents, and grades.

Reading list

  • Cho, H.S. e.a. (ed.). Yonsei Korean Reading 2 (연세 한국어 읽기 2). Seoul: Yonsei University Press, 2010. ISBN: 9788971419304

  • Language Education Institute Seoul National University. Useful Chinese Characters for Learners of Korean. Seoul: Darakwon, 2007. ISBN: 9788959957644


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.
General information about uSis is available on the website.

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Mw. Dr. E. J. Kim


As is the case for all Korean Studies courses, a strict attendance policy will be enforced. Attendance at all lectures and seminars is expected. Failure to attend may result in a lower grade. If you do not attend more than three classes you will not be able to continue attending the classes and your exam and/or paper may not be graded by the instructor(s). If you have a valid reason not to attend, you may get dispensation from this rule, but you have to consult the coordinator of studies on this.