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This course focuses on crucial issues and developments that define the field of strategic marketing as it is today. The word “strategic” refers both to the central role of marketing to an organisation’s revenue model and to our particular focus on how decision-makers in the field of marketing make the choices that they do, when operating under limited information and with uncertain outcomes.
Since the advent of digital media and technology in the last decades, the marketing domain has been transforming itself into a powerful engine that is able to establish and maintain highly personalised relationships with organisations and individuals, in real-time and at scale. In this hyperconnected world, organisations need to beef up their marketing capabilities in order to stay relevant in the markets that they operate in.
Yet, the fundamental concepts and frameworks as defined by marketing gurus like Philip Kotler still stand, and need to understood by anybody involved in the marketing process.
That is why we’ll be linking current business practices to foundational aspects of marketing, and vice versa.

Course objectives

By the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • understand & apply the basic concepts & frameworks of marketing management such as scanning, market segmentation, targeting, positioning, and applying marketing mix tactics.

  • be able to analyse marketing problems & opportunities facing organisations and suggest viable options in product-line, distribution, pricing and promotion, and recommend appropriate strategies for regional and global markets.

  • understand the importance of using primary & secondary marketing research to develop marketing strategies and make tactical marketing decisions.

  • develop and create modern marketing strategies and design marketing plans for an actual company.


Semester 2:

Course: February 12th – March 25th 2020
Exam: May 25th 2020, 13:00 – 16:00 hrs
Retake: July 8th 2019, 10:15 – 13:15 hrs

Please check most updated information in uSis.

Mode of instruction

The course consists of a mix of plenary instruction (both on-premise and remote), discussion of cases, group assignments (marketing plan) and a written exam.
Students are expected to read some textbook chapters before the lecture.

Course Load

  • 6 2-hour seminars

  • Marketing plan

  • Final 3-hour exam

Assessment method

The final grade will be composed of the following three parts:

  • 10% participation & interaction

  • 40% final marketing plan

  • 50% final written exam(mix of multiple choice and open questions)

Note: minimum grade ≥ 5.0 per part, and overall average ≥ 5.5 to pass (see Course and Examination Regulations).



Reading list

  1. Textbook (required)
  • Principles of Marketing, 17th global edition (Ph. Kotler, G. Armstrong / Pearson, 2018 / ISBN 978-1292-22017-8 (print) and 978-1292-22023-9 (eText)

  • Available via (a.o.) or

  1. Some case studies can be purchased at the start of the course.
    More information will follow on Blackboard after registration
  2. The presentations and (references to) background material will be made available on Blackboard, after the lectures.


Students have to register for the course in uSis. The registration in uSis for 2019-2020 will open two months before the start of the academic year. Click here for instructions.

There is limited capacity for external students. Please contact the programme coordinator.

More information on the different types of registration can be found here.


Note: If you are an ICTiBPS student, you can contact the programme coordinator of ICTiBPS for any questions about your program.

Lecturer: Niels van Weeren
Assistant: Maarten van Ginkel