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Foreign Policy in the Trump Era


Admission requirements



The Trump administration’s foreign policy represents a clear break with previous U.S. administrations of both political parties. This class will explore if this divergence is the product of an idiosyncratic leader or part of a broader movement. We will also seek to understand, through discussion and research projects, what drives this development and what implications this development holds for the several areas of foreign policy. We will address the implications for US alliances in Europe and Asia, the so called “liberal world order", counter terrorism strategy, international economic relations, migration, and other topics that may prove timely.

Course objectives

Students gain knowledge of major approaches to understanding the foreign policy process
Students can apply their knowledge to assess and critically evaluate current events and existing theories

Mode of instruction


Course Load

The total course load of 10 EC is approximately 280 hours. 30 Hours in class, 120 hours of readings, and 50 hours preparing reviews and drafting a presentation, and 80 hours preparing the final paper.

Assessment method

One long paper
Two brief critical reviews
One presentation


We will use blackboard for updates on class materials and share links related to class material.

Reading list

No books will be used in this course.


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