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CIS: Film-making for scientists



September 2019 -July 2020


Film is an increasingly important media for professionals to reach their audience. Film has the power to resonate with people; to create an emotional reaction. Scientists are also increasingly harnessing the power of film to influence their audience
The videography masterclass is a short introduction to the worlds of filmmaking. It is a special elective for master’s students of LUMC. It will train you in the basis of science documentary filmmaking and will train them how to plan, film, edit and complete their own research film.


On this course you will:

learn principles of visual communication and storytelling
learn to how to communicate your research story via film
learn the basics of documentary-interviewing

learn to design a short science film (story, interview, storyboard, shot list, design)
learn to use camera equipment
learn to use audio equipment (microphones)
learn to use editing software (scene selection, montage, cutting & compositing)
learn to layer soundtracks and incorporate audio support (music & sound effects)

Course duration and participants

Duration: 5 sessions of 2 hours
Participants: 12 per course

The course is offered by Communication in Science (CIS) once per semester and will be announced via Blackboard. Registration details will be announced on Blackboard

Mode of instruction

Students will learn via 5 workshop sessions, which include theory and hands-on practice in filming and editing.
Students will complete two practice assignments in which they will film and edit.

Assessment method

Assessment is based on attendance at workshop sessions and completion of assigned activities (2x short film).