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Technical aspects of Cyber Security: an introduction


Admission requirements

Admission only after intake, see website of the Cyber Security Academy
Elective in master’s programme Cyber Security


This course will provide an introduction to key technical aspects of cybersecurity for students with a non-technical background. It will cover five general themes: (1) novel technological developments, (2) IT architecture and networks, (3) OT, (4) cybersecurity threats and (5) solution spaces. Students will be provided with a broad overview of IT and OT architecture, relevant security challenges and potential means and mechanisms for protecting and defending IT/OT architectures. Focus will be mainly on technology.

Course objectives

Participants will gain:

  • basic knowledge and understanding of IT and OT architectures

  • basic knowledge and understanding security challenges in IT and OT networks and technological security components to defend these networks (like firewalls, endpoint protection, etc.)

  • basic knowledge of cybersecurity threats

  • basic knowledge and understanding of new and currently developing technological trends, and the scope of security risks these entail

  • basic knowledge and understanding of solution spaces, such as the use of encryption, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.


4 Fridays from 9.30 until 17.00 in June/July 

Mode of instruction

Lectures, seminars, exercises, class discussion
Petra Oldengarm
Jan van der Lubbe (TUD)

Course Load

4 EC

Assessment method

Take home exam (100%)
Note: the take home exam is an individual assignment. No collaboration, communication or discussion between students is allowed about its content or the materials covered by the course in any shape or form. Moreover, this exam will be checked carefully for signs of plagiarism or the improper use of sources. Please use academic sources only (if necessary), and be diligent in academic referencing. Failure to comply with any of these requirements will automatically lead to a referral to the Board of Examiners, and may invalidate the exam result.


Yes, for posting slides of lectures, relevant literature and assignments

Reading list

Compulsory literature and literature for further consultation will be announced via Blackboard


No registration is required for lectures and exams.


Chantal de Groot, study coordinator,
Jan van der Lubbe (TUD)