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Thesis Global and European Labour Law


Course Description

Following the successful completion of the taught courses of the programme, students are required to submit a thesis on a topic of their choice. It must address and analyse an issue in the field of Global and European Labour Law and include both a comparative perspective (e.g. between the national and the European level legislation) and a substantive perspective on a topical issue of doctrinal debate or problem in practice in the world of work.

More specifically the thesis should:

  • show the student’s ability to conduct academically sound research on a topic in the area of Global and European Labour Law;

  • show the student’s ability to present the findings of this research in writing in a clear and structured way;

  • show the student’s ability to investigate and present relatively new and innovative findings;

  • the thesis should not merely be of a descriptive nature.

Ideally, the thesis is of publishable quality.

Passing grade is required

Course Requirement

Master Degree