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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Career Preparation Module - Year 1
Career Preparation Module - Year 2
Case Studies in Cyber Security 5
Case Studies on Moroccan Culture and Society 5
Case study 1/5
Case Study Fukushima 10
Case Study Market Regulation 5
Case study Syria 10
Case-studies in Diversity: Theories in Practice 5
Cases from research practice 3
Catalysis (KAT) 3
Causal inference in Field Experiments 5
Celbiologie 3
Celbiologie BIO) 3
Celbiologie en kanker 3
Celfysiologie 3
Celfysiologie (voor Bioinformatica) 3
Cell adhesion signaling in health and disease 4
Cell Biology 3
Cell Biology (CEB) 6
Cell Biology & Biochemistry: an introduction 5
Cell Signaling and Biophysics 8
Cell Signaling in Cancer and Drug Safety 5
Cellulaire communicatie 5
Cellular signal transduction 5
Cellular therapies 15
Centraal Zenuwstelsel 12
Centraal Zenuwstelsel (alleen voor cohort 2017-2018) 12
Change Management and Leadership 5
Chemical Biology 3
Chemical Biology (CB) 6
Chemical Biology, Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy 6
Chemical Biotechnology (CBT) 6
Chemical Genetics (CG) 6
Chemical Immunology (CHI) 6
Chemical Product Design (CPO) 6
Chemical Thermodynamics (CTD) 6
Chemical Tools in Life Sciences 5
Chemie van het Leven 3
Chemie van het leven (voor Bioinformatica) 3
Chemistry 5
Chemistry and Physics of Solid Materials 6
Chemistry and Physics of Solids (CPS) 6
Child abuse and neglect: neurobiological aspects and intervention 5
Child and Education 5
Child And Family In Private International Law 5
Child and Internet 5
Child care, experts, and parents: historical trends 5
Child Maltreatment and Youth Policy: Decisions and Implementation. 5
Child Neuropsychology: Clinical Practice of Neurodevelopmental Disorders 5