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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
[Canceled] Georgian Language for Beginners 5
Academic Skills (Film and Literary Studies) 5
Academic Writing 5
Advanced Readings in Sanskrit Literature 10
Advanced Typology 10
Aesthetics 5
African Literature: Overview to African Literatures 5
Afrika Geschiedenis en Antropologie 1: Afrika van Nul tot Nu 5
Afrika Geschiedenis en Antropologie 1: Afrika van Nul tot Nu 5
Analysis of Literary texts, Language Acquisition II 5
Analytical Philosophy 5
Anatolian Historical Grammar 5
Ancient Near Eastern Law 5
Angry citizens from the sixteenth century until today. 5
Another path: literary perception of the Dutch Revolt in the Southern Low Countries, 1585-1621 10
Anthropology and Sociology of Modern Day South-East Asia 10
Antieke Godsdiensten 5
Antieke Wijsbegeerte Overzicht 1: Van Thales tot en met Plato 5
Approaches to Film 10
Approaches to Literature 5
Approaches to Literature 1 10
Approaches to Literature 2 10
Archaeology of the Ancient Near East 5
Architecture: The Temple and the Stupa 5
Argumentation and persuasion 5
Art and Decolonization in Asia 5
Art and politics in Latin America 5
Art history of Egypt and Syria-Mesopotamia 5
Art in the West - 1800 5
Arts and Material Culture of Japan 5
Arts and politics in Latin America 5
Arts in Society 5
Aspetti dell'italiano contemporaneo 5
Author and media 5
BA Eindwerkstuk Oude Nabije Oosten- studies 10
BA-eindwerkstuk Film- en literatuurwetenschap (schrijfworkshop) 5
Baudelaire, poète et critique d'art 10
Beginners Course 1A - Language Acquisition I 15
Beyond the threat 5
Biblical Hebrew 1 10
Biblical Hebrew 2 5
Big Media 5
Brazil: The Construction of a World Power 5
Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia 5
Buddhist Art 5
Buddhist Art 5
Bureaucratic Revolution 5
CANCELLED: Practical Rhetoric: public speaking according to historical sources 5
Capolavori moderni e contemporanei 5
China's International Political Economy 10