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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Linguistics 3: The Syntax of English: Present and Past 5
Linguistics 5: English Sentence Structure and Word Formation 10
Linguistics 5A: English Sound Structure and Word Formation 10
Linguistics 6: Language Change 10
Linguistique française: De la forme au sens 5
Linguistique française: Syntaxe du français 5
Literary careers: authorship in Dutch literature 1600-1800 5
Literature 3A: The American Renaissance, American Literature, 1620-1865 5
Literature 3B: Eighteenth-Century British Literature 5
Literature 4A: The Age of Realism: American Literature, 1865-1917 5
Literature 4B: British Literature: The Nineteenth Century 5
Literature 5A: American Literature, 1917 to the present 10
Literature 5B: Anglo-American Modernism 10
Literature 5C: Political Shakespeare 10
Literature 5D: Introduction to American film 10
Literature 6A: Contemporary Literatures in English 10
Literature and Art of China 5
Literature and culture from 1800 to the present day 5
Literature and Culture from the beginning to 1800 5
Literature in manuscript and print in the Low Countries 5
Literature: Realism and Symbolism (Movements 1) 5
Literatures of South and Southeast Asia 5
Literatuur: Historische Avant-garde en Modernisme (Stromingen 2) 10
Lithuanian (BA) 5
Littératures francophones 5
Living Histories: Locating Pasts in Southern Asia 5
Logic 5
Love and battle. Medieval Dutch epic romance 5
Markets and Power. The World Economy from Merchant Capitalism to Globalisation, 1500-present 5
Masks, Identity and Subjectivity in Latin American Literature and Cinema 5
Material Culture of Ancient Egypt 5
Material Culture of the Ancient Near East 5
Media Worlds 5
Metaphysics 5
Methods for socio-political research on Latin America 10
Middeleeuwse filosofie 5
Middle Ages I: Littérature Moyen-Age 5
Mij Maak je Niets Wijs: Nederlandse Representatiekritiek en Cultuuranalyse 10
Modern and Contemporary Architecture and Design 5
Modern and Contemporary Art and Photography 5
Modern and Contemporary Visual Art and Photography after 1800 5
Modern Chinese History 5
Modern Japanese History 5
Modern Korean History 5
Modern Thinkers and Trends in Islam 5
Moderne Italiaanse letterkunde 5
Moderne Nederlandse Letterkunde II: jeugdliteratuur en leescultuur 10
Modernity in Latin America 10
Monsters: from Minotaur to Godzilla 5
Morfologie 5