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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Frontiers of Measurement Techniques 3
Functional analysis seminar 6
Fundamentals of Digital Systems Design 6
Galaxies and Cosmology 5
Gateway to Global Affairs 5
Gender/genre: New Approaches to the Human in Critical and Cultural Theory 10
General Introduction to Art in China 5
General Research Skills 5
Géneros Populares en la Cultura Latinoamericana (LK5) 5
Genomic Architecture 6
Geo-Economics 5
Georgian Language for Beginners 5
Georgian Language for Beginners 5
Gilgamesh, Mozes, Echnaton: godsdienst in het oude Nabije Oosten 5
Global and European Labour Law 10
Global Christianity 5
Global Health (NL) 15
Global History 5
Global History (Int. Studies) 5
Global Memory Practices 10
Global Political Economy 5
Global Security 5
Good Research Practices 5
Gothic 5
Gothic Architecture, In and Out of Time 10
Governance and Digitalisation (minor PA) 5
Governance of Biodiversity and Ecosystems 12
Governance of Cities and Citizens 5
Governance of Climate Change and Energy Transition 12
Governance of Materials and Circular Economy 12
Governance of Water and Toxicity 12
Great Works of Medieval and Early Modern Literature 5
Greek Papyrology 10
Green Chemistry 4
Group Dynamics 5
Group Project 8
Hands-on Museum Research Experience (10 EC) 10
Hands-on Museum Research Experience (5 EC) 5
Hardware and Physical Computing 3
Health and Medical Psychology 10
Health Psychology: From Research to Practice 5
Health, ageing and genetic diversity 4
Healthy City Lecture Series 5
Heart and Blood Vessels 15
Heroes and Heroines on Stage 10
Het Woord gaat voort: Geschiedenis, inhoud en socioculturele impact van de Bijbel 5
Heterogeneous Catalysis (HET) 6
High Contrast Imaging 3
High Performance Computing I 6
High Performance Computing II 6