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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Methods of Qualitative Research 5
Metrics and Knowledge Production 5
Microbial Evolution & Ecology 3
Middle Ages I: Littérature Moyen Âge 5
Middle Assyrian History and Texts 10
Mixed and longitudinal modeling 6
Model organisms in cancer drug discovery and development 4
Modern Astronomical Research and Communication 4
Modern Astrostatistics 3
Modern Chinese Economy and Development 5
Modern Chinese History 5
Modern Game AI Algorithms 6
Modern Japanese History 5
Modern Japanese History 5
Modern Media in SSEA 5
Modern Muslim Qur'an Interpretation 10
Modern Organic Chemistry (MOC) 6
Modern Physics Research 2
Modern Quantum Chemistry (MQC) 6
Modern Thinkers and Trends in Islam 5
Modern Uyghur 5
Modernism in the Low Countries: art, literature and politics 10
Modernity in Latin America 10
Molecular Aspects of RNA Viruses (MRV) 4
Molecular Biology (MB) 6
Molecular Biophysics 4
Molecular Chemistry (MC) 6
Molecular Design: Biotechnology-oriented Engineering of Life 12
Molecular Genetics 6
Molecular targets in cancer therapy 15
Molecules of Life (MOL) 6
Moot Court Public International Law 5
Motivation, Power and Leadership 5
Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Analysis 6
Multilingual The Hague 10
Multimedia Information Retrieval 6
Multimedia Systems 6
Multiscale Mathematical Biology (BM) 6
Multivariate analysis and multidimensional data analysis 6
Museum Matters I: Politics and Ethics of Museum Collecting 10
Museum Matters II: Curating Collections 10
Museums in Berlin (Excursion seminar) 5/10
Museums in Contemporary Societies 5
Museums, Cultural Heritage and Collections 10
Music - Philosophy - Politics 5
Music: Gregorian Chant 5
Music: Introduction Jazz History 5
Music: Practicum Musicae 1, Royal Conservatoire 10
Music: Practicum Musicae 3, Royal Conservatoire 10
Must reads: Leseliste ab 1700 5