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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Séminaire de recherche: Maghreb francophone - jalons historiques 5
Séminaire pratique: Le Français Juridique 5
Seminar BA2 Visual Arts: Dutch Sculpture in an International Perspective 10
Seminar Business Information Systems 6
Seminar Combinatorial Algorithms 6
Seminar Distributed Data Mining 6
Seminar Greek: Friendship in the Greek World: forms of relationality, from Homer to Aristotle 10
Seminar Greek: Greek Poetry in Rome 10
Seminar Hittite Texts 5
Seminar Linguistic Fieldwork A 5
Seminar Linguistic Fieldwork B 5
Seminar Mastabas/Old Kingdom elite tombs 5/10
Seminar Material Culture Studies: Crafts and Society 5
Seminar OCMW 1 5
Seminar on Dutch Linguistics: Double Language 5
Seminar on Syntax and Semantics 5
Seminar Swarm-based Computation with Applications in Bioinformatics 6
Seminar: Methodological Specialization 5
Sexology 5
Sharia in the West 5
Signal Transduction and Hallmarks of Cancer 4
Slavery and Memory in the Black Atlantic 10
Slavery on the Frontier: The Mediterranean, Central Europe, and the Black Sea, 15th-19th centuries 10
Social and Cultural History of the Middle East: the Ottoman Empire (1300-1922) 10
Social and Organisational Psychology 5
Social and Organisational Psychology (IBP) 5
Social Animals at Work 5
Social Judgment and Decision Making 5
Social Network Analysis for Computer Scientists 6
Social Psychology in Organisations 10
Social Signal Processing 6
Social, emotional, and behavioral functioning in schools 5
Sociolinguistica dell’italiano (Corso monografico) 5
Sociolinguistics 5
Sociolinguistics (BA Linguistics) 5
Sociolinguïstiek: straattaal, tussentaal, social media en meer 5
Sociology of Religion 5
Soft and Biomatter Theory 6
Software Development and Product Management 6
Solid State NMR (SSNMR) 6
Sound and Sound Structure 5
Sound and space 8
Sound, Space & Interaction 5
Spanish 1 10
Spanish 2 10
Spanish 3 10
Spanish 4 10
Speaking Across Deep Time: Designing Markers For Nuclear Waste 3
Special Topics in Digital Humanities 5
Spectroscopy (SP) 6