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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
The Political Economy of Natural Resource-led Development 10
The Political Economy of the European Union 5
The Political: Theories & Practices 5
The Politicization of European Integration 10
The Politics of Destruction: Targeting World Heritage 10
The Politics of Digital East Asia 10
The Politics of Policy-Making: National and International Challenges 10
The Power of the Past: The Contemporary Relevance of Histories 10
The power of words 5
The Prehistory of Anatolia and Cyprus 5
The Production of Belonging: Claiming Urban Space through Cultural and Linguistic Practices 10
The Psychological Origins of Mass Politics 10
The Psychology of Digital Design (PDD) 5
The Psychology of Economic Behaviour 5
The Psychology of Language 5/10
The Psychology of Language 10
The Psychology of Media and Communication 5
The Psychology of Selling and Advertising 5
The Rise of Banal Nationalism 10
The Roman Frontier 5
The Rule of Man in the Rule of Law 5
The Russian Economy 10
The Russian Revolution Revisited 10
The Russian Revolution Revisited 10
The Slave Ship: Business, terror and resistance 10
The Societal Dimensions of Early Buddhism 5
The Sounding City 5
The State of the Art and its Discontents 10
The Structure of Portuguese 5
The Structure of Spanish 5
The Tolerant Dutch Republic? Migrants and the courts 1600-1900 10
The Translator’s Tools 5
The Truth as Casualty: War and Media (1945-1949) 10
The Truth behind Quantified self: the reality of using data from smartphone sensors to Instagram posts to enhance human health & performance 5
The Union in the World 5
The United States and Human Rights 10
The Visual and Material Culture of Exchange in Asia and Europe, 1500-1800 10
The Visual and Material Culture of Exchange in Asia and Europe, 1500-1800 (ResMA) 10
The World of Entrepreneurs 5
The World on Paper: Writing and Writing Systems 10
The World on Paper. Writing and Writing Systems 5/10
The Written Legacy of Hittite Anatolia 10
Thema Overstijgende Opdracht Geneesmiddel 2
Thema Overstijgende Opdracht Patiënt 3
Thematic Accent III 10
Thematic Fields: Theoretical and Empirical Explorations 5
Thematic Seminar: Art in a Technological World 10
Thematic Seminar: Art, Literature, and Law - The Question of the Human Nature of Right(s) 10
Thematic Seminar: Authoritarian Politics 10
Thematic Seminar: Comparative Accounts of Human Flourishing 10