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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Inleiding linguïstiek – Taalwetenschap II 5
Innate Immune Systems 6
Innate Immune systems 6
Innovations in eHealth Care 5
Inorganic Chemistry in Life 5
Inside-Out Prison Exchange 5
Institutions of the European Union 5
Integrated Cell Biology (ICB) 2
Integratie: Technology trends 3
Integration: Biological Data Sharing 3
Integration: Sequence Analysis 3
Integrative Taxonomy 6
Intensive Language Instruction French Advanced 5
Intensive Language Instruction French Intermediate 5
Intensive Language Instruction Moroccan Arabic Advanced 5
Intensive Language Instruction Moroccan Arabic Beginners 5
Intensive Language Instruction Moroccan Arabic Intermediate 5
Interculturality 1: Key Concepts 10
Interculturality 2: The Global Imagination 10
Intermediate Sumerian 5
International Administration (Minor/Exchange) 5
International Commercial Law 5
International Corporate Insolvency Law 5
International Development 5
International Law and Human Rights 5
International Political Economy 5
International Relations 5
International Relations in the Slavic Triangle: Russia, Ukraine and Belarus 10
International Security 5
International Tax Law For Multinational Enterprises 5
Internship 10
Internship and Master Thesis 34
Interstellar Medium 6
Introduction à la linguistique française 5
Introduction Bio-informatics 15
Introduction French Literature I: 1500-1800 5
Introduction French Literature II: de 1800 à nos jours 5
Introduction Languages and Cultures of Africa 5
Introduction Second Language Acquisition 5
Introduction to Assyrian and Cuneiform Script 10
Introduction to Astrophysics 4
Introduction to Buddhism 5
Introduction to Children's Rights 5
Introduction to Contemporary China A: Politics, Economics, and Society of Modern China 5
Introduction to Data Science for Computer Scientists 6
Introduction to dynamical systems (BM) 6
Introduction to European Competition Law 5
Introduction to Hindu Religions 5
Introduction to International Human Rights Law 5
Introduction to International Organisations 5