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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Translational Neuroscience 15
Tropical Biodiversity and Field Methods (South East Asia) 6
Turkish through Media 5
Tutorial Akkadian 10
Tutorial Greek: The Athenian Acropolis - Texts, Terms and Topography 10
Tutorial Latin: Ennius Tragedies 10
Tweedetaalverwerving: de invloed van moedertaal en taalaanleg 5
Tweedetaalverwerving: didactiek en toetsing 5
Understanding Imprisonment: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Incarceration 5
Underwater Archaeology and Maritime Landscapes 5
Universalien und Rarissima German in Language Typology MA 10
Universals and rarissima 5/10
Universals and variation in human behaviour 5
Urban Archaeology 5
Urban Computing 6
Vedic Sanskrit 5
Vijftien eeuwen Nederlands, Taalwetenschap II 5
Visit to Ars Electronica Festival 1
Visual Analysis II: Art Making Techniques and the Analysis of Objects in the Visual Arts, Architecture and Design 5
Visualizing Science 5
Vitality and Ageing 15
Vraagstukken Bewegen 9
Vraagstukken Borst en Nier 8
Vraagstukken Buik 8
Vraagstukken Psychisch Functioneren 5
War, Peace, and Mass Media: The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Public Sphere 10
Woordenschat/Schrijven, Taalvaardigheid II 5
Word and Meaning 5
Working for the Government as ICT Expert 6
Working Through 9/11: Literature, Film, and Memorial Culture 10
World Art Studies 5
World Cinema A 5
World Philosophies: China 5
World Philosophies: Greek and Roman Antiquity 5
World Philosophies: India 5
World Philosophies: Middle East 5
Writing Art 5
Writing/Grammar 1B - Language Acquisition I 5