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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Middle Ages I: Littérature du Moyen Âge 5
Model organisms in cancer drug discovery and development 4
Modern Astronomical and Physics Research 1
Modern Astronomical Research 1
Modern Astrostatistics 3
Modern Chinese Economy and Development 5
Modern Chinese History 5
Modern Game AI Algorithms 6
Modern Organic Chemistry (MOC) 6
Modern Physics Research 1
Modern Thinkers and Trends in Islam 5
Modernity in Latin America 10
Molecular Aspects of RNA Viruses (MRV) 4
Molecular Cell Biology (MCB) 6
Molecular Genetics 3
Molecular Nanotechnology (MNT) 6
Molecular Targets in Cancer Therapy 15
Molecules of Life (MOL) 6
Moot Court Public International Law 5
Moral Psychology 10
Morfologie 5
Motivation, Power and Leadership 5
Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Analysis 6
Multicultural City Lecture Series 5
Multiscale Mathematical Biology (BM) 6
Museums and Collections: A Practical Introduction 5
Music - Philosophy - Politics 5
Music: Introduction Jazz History 5
Music: Practicum Musicae 1, Royal Conservatoire 10
Music: Practicum Musicae 3, Royal Conservatoire 10
Must reads: Leseliste ab 1700 5
Nanotechnology (Delft) 6
Narratives That Matter: Literature, Film and Television Drama in the Middle East 10
Nation and Imagination in Brazilian Literature, Arts and Culture 5
Nation, Community, Self: Questions of Culture in South and Southeast Asia 5
Natural Computing 6
Nederlandse geschiedenis 1: Van Prehistorie tot Patriottentijd 5
Nederlandse geschiedenis 2: Van Napoleon tot Wilders, Cultuurwetenschap II 5
Nederlandse letterkunde 1: Van Middeleeuwen tot Verlichting, Cultuurwetenschap II 5
Nederlandse letterkunde 2: Van Romantiek tot heden, Cultuurwetenschap II 5
Nederlandse Taalkunde: Taaldiagnostiek 5
Neurocognition 5
New Religions 5
Numerical Recipes in Astrophysics 6
Observational Cosmology 3
Oil, Waste and Water: the Political Ecology of the Middle East and North Africa 10
Old Church Slavic Language and Culture 10
On Fiction and Forensics Writing Artistic Research 3
Ontwikkelingspsychopathologie 5
Operations Management 4