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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Images of Germany. Cinema and Public Debate 5
Imaging Systems (Delft) 6
Information Visualization and the Humanities 5
Inleiding Afrikaanse talen en taalkunde 5
Inleiding Astrofysica 4
Inleiding Kansrekening 6
Inleiding Russische letterkunde 5
International Tax Law For Multinational Enterprises 5
Introductie Moderne Natuurkunde 6
Introduction Ancient History (OG) 5
Introduction Dutch History (VG) 5
Introduction Economic and Social History (ESG) 5
Introduction French Literature I: 1500-1800 5
Introduction French Literature II: de 1800 à nos jours 5
Introduction Greek Papyrology 5
Introduction Languages and Cultures of Africa 5
Introduction Medieval History (MG) 5
Introduction to Ancient Greek: Grammar and Reading Skills 1 and 2 5+5
Introduction to Assyrian and Cuneiform Script 10
Introduction to Buddhism 5
Introduction to dynamical systems (BM) 6
Introduction to Hindu Religions 5
Introduction to Italian philology. Editing an Italian text 10
Introduction to Latin American modern history I 5
Introduction to Latin American modern history II 5
Introduction to Latin: Grammar and Reading Skills 1 and 2 5 en 5
Introduction to Middle Egyptian 10
Introduction to Old Germanic 5
Introduction to Russian Politics and Economy 5
Introduction to Solid State Physics 3
Introduction to the History of the Netherlands 5
Introduction to the Study of Islam 5
Islam in the Modern World 5
Islamic Art and Material Culture 5
Islamic Mysticism 5
Japan in the 21st Century: Sociological Perspectives 5
Jews and Judaism: An Introduction 5
Joint Subject: The World of Saint Augustine 5
Keerpunten in de Geschiedenis van de Natuurwetenschappen 5
Kerncurriculum: Inleiding Religiewetenschappen 5
Klassieke Italiaanse letterkunde 5
Klassieke Mechanica a 5
Korean History until 1876 5
Krise und Kritik: Literatur von 1914 bis 2015 5
Language and Linguistics: Tools and Methods 5
Language from a social perspective 5
Language, Music and Text-setting 5
Languages of the world 5
Latin America in Literature and Images 5
Latin: Language Acquisition 2 (B/C-group) 5