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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Epistolary Approaches 3
Ergodic Theory and Fractals (BM) 6
Erzählungen der deutschen Romantik 5/10
Essentials of EU Law 5
Ethics 5
EU Financial Law 10
EU Internal Market Law 5
European and International Intellectual Property Law 4
European Cultural Memory of World War I & II 5
Europeanization of Administrative Law 10
Everything is religion: gods and men in the Graeco-Roman world 5
Exhibition Research Lab 3
Experimental Methods I: Design & Techniques 5
Experimental Methods II: Practicals & Projects 5
Experimental Projects 6
Experimentele Natuurkunde deel I 3
Explanatory Criminology Lab 5
Exploring the Past in the Digital Present 5
Expression et compréhension orales I 5
Expression et compréhension orales II 5
Expression et compréhension orales III 5
Family Law 5
Field School 2 10
Film and Philosophy 10
Film and TV Series: from Fantomas to Mr Robot 5
Film Genres 5
Filosofie en religie van China 5
Filosofie en religie: water en vuur? 5
Financial Law 5
Financial Reporting 5
Forensic Archaeology 5
Forensic Psychiatry 5
Forensische aspecten van kindermishandeling 5
French Culture I: Histoire et culture 5
French Culture II: Culture et société 5
French Culture III: Francophonies 5
From Aram to Zakho 5
From the First Serbian Uprising to the First World War. The Balkans in the 19th and Early 20th Century 5
From the Pilgrims to the Present: An Introduction to American Studies 5
From the Pilgrims to the Present: An Introduction to American Studies (Minor/Pre-master) 10
Frontiers of Measurement Techniques 3
Fysica van Moderne Technologie 3
Galaxies and Cosmology 5
General History of the Contemporary Time (AGC) 5
General History of the Early Modern Period (AGN) 5
Genome organization and maintenance in cancer and aging (GCA) 6
Georges Perec et la pensée du quotidien 10
Georgian Language for Beginners 5
Geschiedenis Midden-Oosten 1 (600-1500) 5
Gewone Differentiaalvergelijkingen (Analyse 3) 6