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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
History of Russia 5
History of the Dutch language 5
History of the Middle East 2 (1500-present) 5
History of the Russian Language 10
Hittite 5
Hoe verandert kunst de wereld? Art’s agency in steden, hoven & kerken 5
How Deep History Shaped the Human World 5
How literature works. Analysis and interpretation. 5
How The World Makes Art 5
Iconography of South and Southeast Asia 5
Immigration Law 5
Immigration, integration and discrimination 5
In the Dutch mountains: modern travelliterature in and of The Netherlands 10
In-vivo biomolecular interactions underlying diseases (IBID) 6
Indo-European Phonology 5
Information Visualization and the Humanities 5
Inleiding Afrikaanse Talen en Taalkunde 5
Inleiding in de grondslagen van de pedagogische wetenschappen 4
Inleiding in de ontwikkelingspsychologie 4
Inleiding in de pedagogische en onderwijswetenschappen 1A 3
Inleiding in de pedagogische en onderwijswetenschappen 1B 3
Inleiding in de pedagogische en onderwijswetenschappen 2A 4
Inleiding in de pedagogische en onderwijswetenschappen 2B 4
Inleiding in de psychologie (Pedagogische Wetenschappen) 5
Inleiding Kansrekening 6
Inleiding Russische letterkunde 5
Integrated Cell Biology (ICB) 2
Interculturele aspecten van opvoeding, onderwijs en hulpverlening 5
International Commercial Law 5
International Corporate Insolvency Law 5
International Tax Law For Multinational Enterprises 5
Internet law 5
Internship BA3 5
Introductie Moderne Natuurkunde 6
Introduction à la linguistique française 5
Introduction Ancient History (OG) 5
Introduction Dutch History (VG) 5
Introduction Economic and Social History (ESG) 5
Introduction French Literature I: 1500-1800 5
Introduction French Literature II: de 1800 à nos jours 5
Introduction Greek Papyrology 5
Introduction into corpus linguistics 5/10
Introduction into Sound Art 5
Introduction Languages and Cultures of Africa 5
Introduction Medieval History (MG) 5
Introduction Second Language Acquisition 5
Introduction to Ancient Greek: Grammar and Reading Skills 1 and 2 5+5
Introduction to Assyrian and Cuneiform Script 10
Introduction to Astrophysics 4
Introduction to Buddhism 5