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Name (150) EC Semester 1 Semester 2
General Principles of Tax Law 5
Holocaust Icons in Arts, Film and Literature (minor) 5
Honours Classes 5
ICT Architectures (PE) 6
ILS – Global law: legal reasoning in International, EU and national law 5
Income Tax 5
Individual Income Taxation 10
Information Society and Digital Media Culture 5
Innovation Lab: De Gelukkige Stad 5
International Tax Law 5
International Tax Law II 10
Interpersonal Professional Skills 5
Interpersonal Professional Skills (IBP) 5
Introductie Beleid 5
Introduction Civil Law 10
Introduction MPS 5
Introduction to administrative law 5
Introduction to Criminal Law 5
Introduction to European Law 5
Introduction to International Public law 5
Introduction to Law 5
Islamic Art and Material Culture 5
Language and Linguistics: Tools and Methods 5
Law and Economics 5
Learning through Virtual Reality 5
Linguistics 3: English Syntax and Syntactic Argumentation 5
Linguistics 4: The Phonology of English 5
Literature 1B: The Classical and Christian Legacies in Literatures in English 5
Literature 3A: The American Renaissance, American Literature, 1620-1865 5
Literature 3B: Eighteenth-Century British Literature 5
Literature 4B: British Literature: The Nineteenth Century 5
Metaphysics 5
Methoden en Technieken van de Rechtswetenschap 5
Methoden en technieken van wetenschappelijk onderzoek 4
Methodology and Research Approach (PE) 6
Moot Court 5
Moot Court IBL 5
Moot Court Tax Law 5
Motivation 5
Multivariate Data Analysis 5
Music between Work and Event 5
Music in Contemporary Society: Its Role, Function and Position 5
Music x Technology 5
Music: Introduction Jazz History 5
Narrative care: creatief schrijven als instrument voor zorgprofessionals 5
Negotiation and Conflict Management 5
Organ Transplantation 5
Organizational Change 5
Oriëntatievak: Grondslagen van het Recht 5
Overview of Western Music History 3