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Name EC Semester 1 Semester 2
`Ulamâ’ in the Modern Muslim World 10
‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!' The French Revolution and the Birth of the Republic 10
“Classical” Music and Society (17th-20th century) – an Introduction 5
A Century of Modern Dutch Sculpture in an International Perspective 10
A Europe that serves and protects: the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice 5
Academic and Professional Skills (Science) 3
Academic Skills II (Art History): Searching and Processing Information, Writing and Oral Presentation 5
Academic Writing 5
Accounting (ICTiB&PS) 3
Adult and Old-Age Clinical Neuropsychology: Theory and Assessment 5
Advanced Academic Skills Elite Course 6
Advanced Cell Biology 4
Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 5
Advanced Cuneiform Epigraphy 10
Advanced Heritage and Museum Studies 1 5
Advanced measure theory (BM) 6
Advanced Medicinal Chemistry (AMC) 6
Advanced Readings in classical Chinese 10
Advanced Readings in Indo-European Linguistics 10
Advanced Readings in Sanskrit Literature 10
Advanced Statistical Computing 3
Advanced Statistics 4
Advanced Sumerian 10
Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics I:Topological Methods in Theoretical Physics 6
Advanced Topics in Theoretical Physics II: Hydrodynamics and collective dynamics 6
Advances in Data Mining 6
Advances in Model Checking 6
Aerospace Law 5
Aesthetics & performance in electronic music 3
African History and Anthropology 2: Media and Power 10
Akkadian Literary Texts 10
Akzentprüfung Ältere deutsche Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft 5
Algebra 2 6
Algorithmics 6
American Comics Against the Code: Autobiography and Journalism in Graphic Novels 10
Amerindian Shamanism in the Caribbean and Amazonia (BA2) 5
Amerindian Shamanism in the Caribbean and Amazonia (BA3) 5
Analyse 3 NA 6
Analysis of Literary texts, Language Acquisition II 5
Anatolian Historical Linguistics 5
Ancient Egyptian Law 5
Ancient Foodways 5
Ancient Near Eastern Law 5
Anthropology and Sociology of Modern Day South-East Asia 10
Anthropology and Sociology of Sub-Saharan Africa 10
Anthropology of Muslim Societies 10
Anthropology of Religion 10
Applied Cognitive Psychology 10
Applied Data Analysis 5
Applied Electrophysiology for Exchange students 2