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Name (37) EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Anthropological Perspectives on Dying and End-of-Life Care 5
Argumentative and Rhetorical Strategies 5
Board the Blockchain Train! Understanding and applying a revolutionary phenomenon 5
Chemical Tools in Life Sciences 5
Circular Economy: from Challenge to Opportunity 10
Creative Writing: Het Verrassende Nut van Fictie 5
Crises in Biology: Animal Life from the Late Precambrian to the Emergence of Land Life 5
Data Science 5
De lens van Van Leeuwenhoek: Nederlandse wetenschapsgeschiedenis in verhalen en collecties 5
Delightful Horror. The Sublime in Seventeenth-Century Visual and Decorative Art and Architecture in France and the Dutch Republic 5
Dialogues in Past and Present: Human interaction and the construction of meaning 5
Doing REAL research: discover your research talents 5
Effectief besturen 5
Honours Classes 5
Innovation Lab: De Gelukkige Stad 5
LDE Living (World) Heritage Cities 5
Learning through Virtual Reality 5
Leren door Doen: Werken aan maatschappelijke opgaven 5
Metaphor and Rhetoric in Science & Law 5
Motivation 5
Music in Contemporary Society: Its Role, Function and Position 5
Narrative care: creatief schrijven als instrument voor zorgprofessionals 5
Negotiation and Conflict Management 5
Netherlands Asia Honours Summer School 5
Organ Transplantation 5
Personal flourishing and happiness 5
Recht, Literatuur en Film 5
Social Innovation in Action 10
The Academic Life 5
The Mindfulness Revolution: Zombie Apocalypse or Productive Peace in a Frantic World? 5
The Noble Art and Tricky Business of Translation 5
The Politics of the Past 5
The Sounding City 5
The Truth Behind Quantified Self 5
Vechtscheidingen: kinderen zijn de dupe 5
Vitality and Ageing 5
Who Owns Life? Ethical, Juridical, and Artistic Encounters with Biotechnology 5