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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Topical Course: Artivism 5
Topical Debates on Photography in Historical Perspective 10
Topical Reading: Histories of Unfreedom of Bloodshed on Korean Peninsula 10
Topical Reading: Korea Encounters the World 10
Topical Reading: State and Society 10
Topical Reading: The Social Construction of the Past 10
Topical Readings in Classical Japanese 10
Topical Readings in Classical Japanese (ResMA) 10
Topical Readings in Korean 5
Topical Readings in Pre-modern Chinese (ResMA) 10
Topical Readings in Premodern Chinese 10
Topics in Algebraic Geometry 6
Topics in Algebraic Number Theory 6
Topics in Chinese Art History (ResMA) 10
Topics in Chinese Art History, Things and Paths: Approaches to Chinese Art and Material Culture 10
Topics in Linguistics A: Information Structure 5
Topics in Linguistics B: Academic Skills for Linguists 5
Topics in Linguistics C: Language contact and Prehistory 5
Topics in Linguistics D: Experimental Pragmatics 5
Topics in Linguistics E: Introduction to descriptive statistics and programming in R for Linguists 5
Topics in Theoretical Physics: 6
Topics Latin American Linguistics 10
Topologie 6
Totalitarianism 5
Toxicologie 4
Track-bound electives Descriptive Linguistics I 15
Track-bound electives Descriptive Linguistics II 5
Track-bound electives Language and Cognition 5
Trade and Finance in the Global Economy 5
Traduzione italiano-olandese (Corso monografico) 5
Traduzione olandese-italiano (Corso monografico) 5
Trainers Course Communication Skills 10
Trajectgebonden keuzeruimte Taal en Communicatie I 15
Trajectgebonden keuzeruimte Taal en Communicatie II 10
Trajectgebonden keuzeruimte Taal en Communicatie III 5
Transatlantic Relations Inside Out: Europe and the U.S. in the 20th Century 10
Transatlantische betrekkingen van Truman tot Trump 10
Transdiagnostic Approach of Eating Disorders 5
Transdisciplinary skills 6
Transitional Justice 5
Translation Studies 5
Translational Neurogenetics 6
Translational Neuroscience 15
Translator’s Tools 5
Transmissie en transformatie van cultuur in Europa, 800-1700 5
Transnationaal Ondernemingsrecht 5
Transnationaal vermogensrecht 5
Transportverschijnselen in de Life Sciences 6
Tropical Biodiversity and Field Methods (South East Asia) 6
Turkish through Media 5