Vanwege de coronamaatregelen kan de onderwijsvorm of tentaminering afwijken. Zie voor actuele informatie de betreffende cursuspagina’s op Brightspace.


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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
The Psychology of Media and Communication 5
The Psychology of Selling and Advertising 5
The Rise and Decline of American Empire 10
The Roman Frontier 5
The Russian Economy 10
The Russian Revolution Revisited 10
The Scientific Revolution 1550-1700 10
The Sociolinguistics of Second Language Acquisition 10
The Sounding City 5
The Sounds of Chinese 10
The State in Modern Chinese History 10
The Sumerian Language: Structure and Analysis 5
The Theoretical Foundations and Interdisciplinary Nature of African Studies 10
The Truth Behind Quantified Self 5
The unification of the Mediterranean 10
The Union in the World 5
The United States and Human Rights 10
The Visual and Material Culture of Exchange in Asia and Europe, 1500-1800 10
The Visual and Material Culture of Food and Drink in Asia and Europe, 1500-1800 (ResMA) 10
The World of Entrepreneurs 5
The Written Legacy of Hittite Anatolia 10
Thema Effecten van geneesmiddelen 1 6
Thema Effecten van geneesmiddelen 2 5
Thema Effecten van geneesmiddelen 3 5
Thema Geneesmiddeltoediening en -afgifte 10
Thema Ontwerp en synthese 8
Thema Overstijgende Opdracht Geneesmiddel 2
Thema Overstijgende Opdracht Patiënt 3
Thema's in de taalkunde van Latijns Amerika (TK5) 5
Themacollege beeldende kunst: Kunst en commercie. Schilderkunst en de markt 1400-1700 5
Themacollege I 5
Themacollege II 10
Thematic Accent III 10
Thematic Course Latin American Cultural Analysis 10
Thematic Fields: Theoretical and Empirical Explorations 10
Thematic Seminar: An International History of Tourism 10
Thematic Seminar: Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism and Holocaust Denial: Cause for Confusion 10
Thematic Seminar: Argumentation and Debate 10
Thematic Seminar: Art, Literature, and Law - The Questions of the Human Nature of Right(s) 10
Thematic Seminar: Censorship: Social Transformation, Manufactured Consent, and Free Speech 10
Thematic Seminar: Close-Reading Comics: Hybrid Storytelling in Graphic Memoirs 10
Thematic Seminar: Comparative Accounts of Human Flourishing 10
Thematic Seminar: Emerging Economies 10
Thematic Seminar: Feminist Philosophy 10
Thematic Seminar: Film Journeys, the World on Screen 10
Thematic Seminar: Global History of Work and Labour Organisations 10
Thematic Seminar: Global Protest Movements 10
Thematic Seminar: Language with an Attitude 10
Thematic Seminar: Languages and Cultures in Contact 10
Thematic Seminar: Nationalism and Nation-Building in the Twentieth Century 10