Vanwege de coronamaatregelen kan de onderwijsvorm of tentaminering afwijken. Zie voor actuele informatie de betreffende cursuspagina’s op Brightspace.


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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Premodern History of South and Southeast Asia 5
Principles of Economics 5
Principles of Economics 5
Privacy & Data Protection 5
Probability Seminar: Stories from Asymptotia (BM) 6
Probability: Coupling theory (BM) 6
Process Modelling 3
Professional skills for public impact 5
Professionele kinderopvang 5
Project Management for Scientists 3
Protection of Human Rights in Europe 5
Protection of the Rule of Law in Europe 5
Psychological and Neurobiological Consequences of Child Abuse 5
Psychologie van religie 5
Psychology of Advertising 5
Psychology of Programming 6
Psychometrics and SEM 6
Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice 5
Public International Law (bachelor) 5
Public Values and Ethics 5
Publishing and Communicating Research 5
Publishing Studies: Academic Publishing 5
Qualitative Methods in Linguistics 5
Quantitative Imaging in Life Sciences 5
Quantitative Pharmacology 4
Quantum Algorithms 6
Quantum Computing 3
Quantum Field Theory 6
Quantum Information 3
Quantum Information Theory (BM) 6
Quantum Optics 6
Quantum Reaction Dynamics (QRD) 6
Rabbis and Rebels: The Challenges of Jewish Tradition 5
Radiative Processes 6
Radio Astronomy 6
Random walks 6
Reactivity in Organic Chemistry (ROC) 6
Reading the Bodhicaryāvatāra 5
Readings in American History 10
Readings in Indo-European Linguistics 5
Recente romans 5
Regulation of Drug Safety 4
Reinforcement Learning 6
Relating and assembling material(s) in art and design 3
Religie en media 5
Religion and Politics 5
Religion in the World 5
Religion on the Move: From Local Origins to Global Networks 10
Representation Theory (BM) 6
Representation: Cultural Representation and Signifying Practices 5