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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Organometallic chemistry and homogeneous catalysis (OCHC) 6
Oriëntatie Bioinformatics 3
Orientation on Biodiversity 9
Orientation on Biodiversity and Sustainability 2
Orientation on Evolutionary Biology 2
Orientation on From Cells to Organisms 2
Orientation on Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology 2
Origin and Evolution of the Universe 6
Origin and Structure of the Standard Model 3
Origins of human anatomy, physiology and behaviour 9
Osmaans 1 5
Osmaans 2 5
Osmaanse Geschiedenis en Cultuur 5
Ossetic 5
Ottoman Turkish (Fall) 10
Ottoman Turkish (Spring) 10
Palaeography of the Greek Papyri and Edition Technique of Papyrus Documents 5
Paleobiology 3
Particle Physics and Early Universe 3
Performance Arts – Pandemic – Public Sphere 5
Pharmaceuticals from Plants 5
Pharmacological and Biological Approaches to Clinical and Health Psychology 5
Pharmacology 2
Philology 3: History of the English Language 5
Philology 4: Early Modern Everyday English 5
Philology 5: Late Modern English 10
Philology 5: Old English Literature and Culture 10
Philology 6: Middle English Literature and Culture 10
Philosophy of Culture 5
Phonology I 5
Photochemistry (PC) 6
Photosynthesis and Bioenergy (PBE) 6
Physics of Elementary Particles 6
Physics of Elementary Particles 6
Physics of Energy 3
Physics of Life (from Motors to Nerve Pulses) 6
Physiology, Advanced Concepts 4
Physiology, Basic Concepts 8
Pilgrimage and Holy Places 10
Pindar and Epinician Poetry 10
Planetenstelsels 3
Plant Families of the Tropics 5
Playful and Creative Science 6
Plotinus on Beauty and Love: A Neoplatonic Reading Plato’s Symposium 10
Policy Analysis and Action Plan 6
Political Economy of Southeast Asia 10
Political History of the Middle East in the 20th Century 10
Politics 5
Politics and Ethics in the Contemporary Museum 10
Politics of Culture in Southeast Asia 10