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Naam EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Key Developments in European Prehistory 5
Klanken van de Wereld 5
Klassiek Chinees 3a 5
Klassiek Chinees 3b 5
Klassieke Italiaanse letterkunde 5
Kritisch denken, kritisch schrijven 5
L'italiano dell'economia e del commercio (Corso monografico) 5
L’Italia oggi (Cultuurkunde) 5
L’italiano contemporaneo 10
La tradizione novellistica 5
Laat Cursief (Abnormaal) Hiëratische Papyrologie I 10
Landscape Dynamics 1 5
Landscape Dynamics 2 5
Language and culture of the Indo-Europeans 5
Language Contact 10
Language Documentation 5
Language in the City 5
Language Use in the World 5
Languages of South and Southeast Asia: History, Context and Structure 5
Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation 6
Latijns-Amerika in Woord en Beeld 5
Latin American International Relations 5
Law and Artificial Intelligence 5
Law and Culture 5
Law and Governance in Africa 5
Law and Governance in Asia 5
Law and Security 5
Law and Society in Japan 5
Law, Governance and Development (LAW) 5
Law, Literature, Culture: Core Concepts (10) 10
Law, Literature, Culture: Core Concepts (5) 5
Law, Sharia and Governance in the Middle East and North Africa 5
Leading and Managing People 5
Letteratura e cinema: intermedialità nel Novecento 10
Letterkunde I: Introduction à la littérature française (1500-1800) 5
Letterkunde II: Introduction à la littérature française (de 1800 à nos jours) 5
Lezen en interpreteren van historische literatuur 5
Lezen/Woordenschat 1B - Taalverwerving I 5
Line Academic Scientific Training Year for International students 2
Linear & generalized linear models and linear algebra 9
Linear Algebra for Computer Scientists 1 3
Linear Algebra for Computer Scientists 2 3
Linear Analysis (BM) 6
Linguistica Italiana: Sintassi e dialettologia 5
Linguistics 3: The Syntax of English: Present and Past 5
Linguistics 4: The Phonology of English 5
Linguistics 5B: English Words and Phrases: Structure and Interaction 10
Linguistics 6A: Language Change 10
Literature 3A: American Literature, Beginnings to 1865 5
Literature 3B: British Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century 5